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Welcome, and thanks for coming to, my tiny little website. Below you will find only the most pertinent information about me: a brief bio, a resume, and contact information. I don't plan to update this site often, but I hope it has the information you were looking for. If not, feel free to get in touch. Click or tap “Read More” to learn more about me.

I am based in Chicago's Western Suburbs, where my wife, Jennifer Fredette, is a professor at North Central College. I recently graduated with a Master of Public Administration from Rockefeller College, part of SUNY Albany in upstate New York. I chose to study Public Administration, and Local Government Management specifically, with the goal of starting a career as part of the professional management team of a surburban city or village in Chicagoland. Along the way, I have acquired a diverse array of skills, from customer service to database design. My résumé, of course, is better place than prose to list all of those details. Feel free to download it, pass it along, and get in touch.

This tiny little site, my compact parking spot on the internet, was built with Twitter Bootstrap. I made some minor (and trepidatious) modifications to the underlying CSS, mostly to change the heading font face and customize the color scheme from dark grey to prussian blue.

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Looking for a talented addition to your organization? I have a range of skills and experience from municipal management to customer service, and I'd love to talk about what I can do for your team.


Sometimes one-way communication is not enough. Feel free to leave me a voicemail or send me an email if you would like to get in touch.

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